This CD-ROM and it's content have been registered with the Federal Copyright Office so before you use anything from this CD-ROM, make sure that you are familiar with the copyright issues discussed below:

    1) Web Usage: Any of the images found in my Andy's Art Attack, Button Vault, or New Stuff sections of the CD are public domain images and can be used on any web site that you create. The exception to this is any of the headers, interfaces, menubars or other images that were designed for the purpose of site navigation or site design elements, CAN NOT be used. These are copyrighted images and are only for display, not for public use.

    2) Software Usage: Any of the images found in my Andy's Art Attack, Button Vault, or New Stuff sections of the CD can also be used in any software application as long as the following three terms are met: a) credit to Andy Evans or Andy's Art Attack is given within the software and software documentation b) a link or mention of the web site and c) the software production does not exceed 10,000 copies. If you produce more than 10,000 copies, then you will need written approval from me approving the use of the images on your project.

    3) Image Collections: None of the images contained on this CD-ROM may be added, bundled or used in any image collections. This applies to CD-ROMs, web archives, image collections, software programs, online resources, etc.

    4) Tips Pages: The Photoshop, Illustrator, Java, HTML, Graphics & Web Design Tips Pages contained on this CD-ROM are copyrighted works and may not be copied, duplicated, re-posted, re-written, modified, or translated to any other web site, printed material, or electronic format. This also goes for the images used to demonstrate the tips.

    5) Modifying Images is permitted and encouraged except for the above mentioned exceptions (headers, menubars, interfaces, design elements, etc.) If you do modify an image, you may not claim it as your own, no matter how much you modify it.

    6) Other CD-ROM Contents: Each person/company that had donated to this CD-ROM has their own set of agreements & copyrights. Please make sure you are familiar with the copyright issues of each contributor before using their images.

    7) UnAuthorized replication or duplication of this CD-ROM is strictly prohibited.

If any of the terms outlined above are broken, you will be violating federal law and subject to criminal prosecution. If you are unclear about a particular aspect of my copyright notice, it is always beter to ask before a lawsuit. Please e-mail me at: with those questions.

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