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Andy's Art Attack is known as a "One Stop Resource for Web Designers". This site contains 100's of original animations, buttons, bullet points & backgrounds that you are free to use on your website. It also contains 100's of pages of Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Java & graphics tips. Becasue this site has been moved to a CD-ROM, it's imposible to update links and information that may change in the future, I apologize in advance. :-) For the most current information, just check out the up-to-date web site at:

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DISCLAIMER: All images contained in this site were created by me unless noted and only the images in my "Free Images" section can be taken off this site without permission. Make sure that you are familiar with my copyright notice before downloading anything from this site. All other images, artwork & design contained in this site are Copyright 1998 Andy Evans All Rights Reserved.

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Site Overview

The Free Images section contains 100's of animation, buttons, textures, etc that I have created that you are free to put on your web site.

The Button Vault is the "subscibers only" area of Andy's Art Attack, but all of the images made up `til May 98 have been included on this CD.

The Tips area of my site contains over 100 pages of Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, Java, Graphics and Web Design tips.

My Misc. Section includes everything that doesn't fit into a large category. Things like my personal info, faq, guestbook, etc.

In my Links Area you will find links to great web sites, reccomended software and a few of my personal favorites.

The Web Design and Portfolio sections have been not been included on the CD, becasue I would not have the ablity to update the ever changing pages.
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