If you enjoy the free toons on this CD, (a baker's dozen, we might add) then we know you'll go nuts over what else is in store for you at Toon-a-day.

    For a mere 10¢ a day ($36.50 a year) you can subscribe to Toon-a-day and receive fresh cartoon clip art every day of the year.

    Each toon comes in color and line art in your choice of EPS or TIF format for Mac or PC. We even throw in a GIF version in case you want to use it on your web site.

    But that's not all! Every Toon-a-day image is the result of a request from subscribers. If you've ever searched in vain for that perfect cartoon image, then take heart. If you've just gotta have it, email Toon-a-day and make the request. If your request isn't rude or crude and has broad appeal then we'll take care of it.

    And don't feel bad about missing out on earlier toons. We have CD's too with all of our past toons.

    You will find all of the EPS & TIFF images for PC & MAC in the /cartoons/ron/ directory. Please read the licence agreement before using these images - Thanks.


If you want these images with a white bacground, click here.

      Listen to what the critics have to say about Toon-a-day!

      "Without a doubt, the funniest cartoons I've ever seen, and I've seen them all! - Trust me!"
      Elva Balch (Ron's mom)

      " A comic genius! If you pass this one up. you need your head examined!"
      LeeAnne Dewsnup (Ron's sister)

      Probably the finest cartoon clip art ever produced!"
      Nancy Leishman (Ron's wife)

      "My dad can draw better then your dad!"
      Denver Leishman (Ron's son)