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WebVise Totality is six powerful web graphic products in one. It is ideal for anyone who works with  graphic files for the web. 

WebVise Totality includes ultra-high GIF and JPEG compression engines, a Photoshop animation module which lets you create animations from inside Photoshop, Digital Watermarking, Hybrid Web Safe Colors, and an Optimized Dithering Engine capable of reproducing any color accurately on the web.

To try out the Win95/NT demo of WebVise Totality go to /demos/webvise/ and run the wvdemoap.exe for the application or wvdemopi.exe for the plugin. For more info on this program and all of the Auto F/X Software products, check out: www.autofx.com

WebVise ships as a stand alone product and as a Photoshop plug-in. WebVise features a full and semi-automatic batch processing, before and after compression comparisons, and over 40 unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Windows 95/NT and Power Macintosh now shipping.

WebVise GIF Compression Engine
The GIF Compression Engine in WebVise is capable of reaching compression ratios as high as 175:1 for flat artwork such as logos, type, and illustrations. For images, the compression ratio reaches as high as 20:1 without dithering or degradation. Unlike other GIF compression software, WebVise uses Auto F/X’s own unique technologies to accurately reproduce the image’s colors using a browser safe 216 palette. This patent pending technology allows the user to accurately reproduce practically any color while staying true to the 216 palette. A large preview window features panning, before and after compression comparisons, the graphic’s download time, and the ability to view the GIF exactly as it will appear when downloading as an interlaced or normal GIF.

The GIF Compression Engine is loaded with features, including a dither amount slider, a resize image slider, and 4 local and 4 global transparency settings with independent fringe control. With the target tool, the user can also adjust color and dither amounts in a localized, targeted area. Powerful image map path and marque tools allow the user to draw their image maps from within WebVise prior to exporting the files. Any file saved out of the GIF module is automatically watermarked using personalized Digital Watermarking module settings, as defined by the user.

WebVise JPEG Compression Engine
The JPEG Compression Engine allows the user to compress images at ratios as high as 120:1, with the best quality ratio being around 60:1. Users are able to compress their images with global, tonal, and color press controls. Global compression is similar to standard JPEG quality settings, while the tonal compression option allows the user to average tonal areas by slightly diffusing the image to gain higher compression ratios. Color press controls allow the user to sacrifice color fidelity to gain higher compression ratios. With WebVise JPEG, a unique shield feature allows the user to target color areas to shield from compression.

The JPEG Compression Engine allows the user to resize the JPEG file before saving, which is especially useful if the user desires a larger image, and the compression ratios are better than expected. On the other hand, if the ratio for the graphic indicates a long download time, users can opt to make the file smaller. Download statistics such as compression ratios, download time, and adjustable download speeds are displayed as the user adjusts the compression settings. With the simulated preview, designers can see what the files will look like when downloading as either a progressive or normal JPEG. Users are also able to create image maps from within the JPEG module using either the pen or marque controls.

WebVise Optimized Dithering Engine
The Optimized Dithering Engine provides for thousands of browser safe colors built from the 216 safe palette. Using the target tool to select the desired target color, designers are able to fuse any one of thousands of possible variations into their artwork. With WebVise’s RGB slider, designers can change the color mix of the selected color and use the color picker to choose any RGB color to be converted to an optimized browser safe color that is fused into a selection. 

With the Optimized Dithering Engine, it is even possible to select a color and adjust the brightness values while still remaining inside the safe 216 color range. An export color feature allows the user to save the current color variation as a seamless color tile for use
as background color on a web page. Until now, web background colors have been limited to the 216 palette. With the Optimized Dithering Engine, designers can choose from thousands of colors!

WebVise Digital Watermarker
WebVise Digital Watermarking technology allows the user to safely encode a generous amount of copyright and comment information into their files. Once this module is set up by filling in the copyright information it automatically encodes each file saved in the GIF, JPEG and Animator modules. The watermarking is also integrated with the batch processing software for added ease. Users can enter in the Copyright owner’s name, company information, and Copyright date which can also be set to automatically reflect the file save date, a password which will only display the copyright information if the user knows the password, a comments section, and a 20 character field which is used for interlacing data.

With copyright infringement on the Internet such a serious problem, this tool offers the user a measure of protection by helping identify the graphics as their work. A freely distributed WebVise Digital Watermaker reader application is included with the Totality suite of products.

WebVise Animator
WebVise Animator is the crown jewel of the Totality suite. Traditionally, animated graphics are saved out of Photoshop as separate frames and compiled as single animation by a third party application. This process of course is tedious due to the numerous steps and lack of control. With WebVise Animator, designers are able to create animations in seconds without ever leaving Photoshop. Animator works as an export filter from Adobe Photoshop. Designers work in Photoshop creating artwork for their animations and can add new frames to the animation by pressing the F4 key. The Animator window shows the animation previewing while the designer works, giving them instant feedback and control.

One of the best features of WebVise Animator is the color quality that is achievable. Using the same color rendering technology incorporated in the GIF compression engine, the images look just like the original RGB colors used in Photoshop but are built from a browser safe 216 palette. The WebVise Animator interface provides the designer with important statistics such as the average frame size, the total animation download size, the number of frames in the animation, and the graphic’s download time. 

Other features include 4 global and 4 local transparency regions, global and independent interframe delay controls, independent frame scaling, frame looping, and a one of a kind mirror frame option which allows for smooth transitions in actions and effects. Animated movements, for example, will reverse themselves, before starting over again. Animator can also compile existing animation frames into the WebVise format if the user so desires. Animation has never been so easy or so fun!

WebVise Hybrid Web Safe Colors
WebVise Hybrid Web Safe Colors gives the user the ability to fuse thousands of web safe colors into Photoshop or other image editing applications. This product expands the web safe 216 palette to thousands of safe colors by intelligently mixing the safe 216 colors at the pixel level to create hybrid web safe colors. Designers can quickly pick a color using the standard Photoshop color picker and can access any of the color libraries that ship with Photoshop, including the Pantone and Trumatch color libraries. Any color the designer chooses in the color picker will be returned to the WebVise Hybrid Web Safe Colors plug-in and will be converted into a safe color.

Colors the designer chooses will be shown with 36 alternate variations. When a variation is chosen it will be the central color other variations are built from. The designer can quickly and effortlessly refine their color choices. WebVise also allows the user to make adjustments to the brightness values of the colors. All colors generated from this plug-in are dither free and will not color shift when viewed by different platforms, systems with 256 color displays, or earlier versions of browsers.

System Requirements
WebVise Totality is fully compatible with Windows 95/NT and Power Mac (OS 7 & 8). The product ships as both a stand alone application and as a plug-in which supports Adobe Photoshop 3.0 and 4.0, PageMaker 6.0 and 6.5, PhotoDeluxe 1.0 & 2.0, Paintshop Pro 4.0, Corel Draw 6 and 7, Photopaint 7, Macromedia Freehand 7.0, Picture Publisher 7.0, Illustrator 6.0 and 7.0, Fractal Painter 4.0.3 and 5.0,  and Deneba Canvas 5.0.


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