Welcome to the Andy's Art Attack CD-ROM. You will find this CD packed with tons of images, fonts, tips, textures and everything else I have listed. I hope you enjoy the CD and use it often. Scroll down to find more information on each section or select a category on the right.Andy's Art Attack CD-ROM

The Button Vault
New Stuff
High Quality Textures/Photos
Web Clip Art
Wild Fonts
Software Demos

AndyArt Logo AndyArt.com is a huge online resource for web images, tips and tricks. It contains 1000's of free images and 100's of pages of Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, Java, Graphics and Web Design tips. The entire site (except my portfolio) has been included on the CD-ROM so you don't have to spend your online time searching for information.

The Button Vault
The Button Vault
contains over 5,000 images that I have created over the last year are now all included on this CD-ROM for the use on your web site. These include: buttons, animations, interfaces, counter digits, multi-media buttons, etc. Try not to get lost in here, it's pretty big.
New Stuff
The New Stuff The New Stuff that I added to this site is sure to please you. There are many new images and Photoshop/Illustrator tips that I have added to the CD-ROM that I have never released before. Be sure and check out what the rest of the world is missing out on.

High-Res Textures
Everyone needs textures for web pages or interfaces that they create and it's sometimes hard to find big ones that will work for your projects. Here are several large textures from several sources that are sure to please.

PhotoDisc PhotoDisc has donated 10 really unique textures from their huge collection of texture CD's. Some of the images that are included are water, sand, rusted metal and a human brain.

Art TodayArtToday is another huge resource for images and they have also included 10 hi-res textures for you to use. These include wood, stucco, satin and bricks.

Textures Andy on the Town is a collection of images that I took with my very own camera. I cruised around town looking for cool photos to take and I have scanned them in for you to use. Some of the things I took pictures of are wood fences, stone walls, cement and the blue sky I see everyday.

Web Clip Art
Art Today ArtToday is a huge web site that contains over 700,000 images and 1,800 fonts and it's growing daily. Here are 40 images from their excellent collection and most have a low and high-res versions available.

There are very few good cartoonists out there and I feel that the two featured on this CD are top notch. They have both included some great cartoons for you to use.

Ron Leshman Ron Leishman has a site known as Toon-A-Day and creates a new cartoon daily for his visitors. Here are 13 from his collection. These cartoons come in GIF, EPS and TIFF versions so that you can use them on your web site, page layout or illustration programs.

John Blaire Moore John Blair Moore is another great cartoonist that has donated over 80 cartoon buttons, bullets, animations and illustrations for you to use on your web site.

Ray Larabie Ray Larabie is the master of font creation in my mind. He has created over 175 unique fonts and they are all here for you to view and to install. If you like what you see, please send him a donation.

TarmSaft FontsTarmSaft Fonts has created over 90 very cool and interesting fonts. They are all here for you to use and abuse.

ArtToday ArtToday has included a handful of fonts from their large collection to spice up your page headers.

Demo Software
Kia's Power Tools Kai's Power Tools by MetaCreations is a set of extremely powerful Photoshop filters that can do magic with your images. Check out the demo and you are sure to be amazed.

Universal Animator Universal Animator by Auto F/X Software is a powerful gif animation utility that lets you create gif animations in virtually any application. Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark even MS Excel!

WebVise WebVise by Auto F/X Software is a set of 6 powerful applications/plugins in one. Image compression, color analysis, Photoshop animator and more.

Reptile Reptile by Sausage Software is a cool application that lets you create funky backgrounds. Reptile allows you to easily produce any combination of wavy, bubbly, organic, big, small, wide, narrow, rough or smooth textures.

To keep in touch with the people that have this CD-ROM, I have created a web page at: www.andyart.com/cdrom/ where I will be posing news, specials, corrections, and other info on a monthly basis. Be sure and go there each month for the latest info.


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